CEDO Tempered Glass for Xiaomi Mi A3 | Screen Protector Full HD Quality Edge to Edge Coverage for Xiaomi Mi A3 (Black)


DISCLAIMER: Compatible with Xiaomi Redmi Mi A3 versatile as it were.

The IMAGE here is for reference as it were. Genuine item may contrast fit as a fiddle. Scratch Proof: Don’t get scratches regardless of whether scratched with keys in your pocket.

Hostile to Shatter: If broken, the glass will break into little parts yet remain in one piece, making it more secure for glass screen of your telephone.

HD Clear and Easy to introduce: High-grade treated glass gives extreme clarity.Glass highlights a smooth glue layer that goes on rapidly and neatly. Basically adjust it, press it, and watch as Glass wraps up.

Delicate and Easy Maintenance: Glass offers extreme touch-screen affectability with no deterrent in typical usage.It has human inviting synthetic covering which repulses regular skin oils making Glass easy to keep spotless and looking incredible.





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